Authentic Mexican Food: The real taste of Mexico.



Born and raised in Mexico City, Armando and Elsa Lopez immigrated to Canada in 1993. More than 20 years worked very hard to make their dream come true, open their own restaurant.

Based on the famous song "Mexico Lindo y Querido" (beautiful and beloved Mexico) Armando wanted to reflect a true about Mexican food, so he came up with the idea of modifying a little bit the title of the song. The name of the restaurant Mexico Lindo y Que Rico means “ beautiful Mexico, and delicious!” 

Mexico Lindo y Que Rico is a restaurant offering real authentic Mexican food which by the way is so different to the Tex-Mex food ( fajitas, burritos or chilli). 

Mexican food is so vast that we are offering mostly dishes from Central Mexico, what Mexicans called " Antojitos Mexicanos".

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